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Buffalo National River and NW Arkansas
Notes to Entry:
These pictures are from the 2009 rut, including pre-rut images. Enjoy.
2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 1
Sparring Elk in Velvet -- August 2009
Morning Bull Elk in Velvet
Boxing Cow and Bull Elk
First Rutting Bull -- Late August 2009
Bull #1, First Picture, Early Rutting Bull
Bull #1, The Most Photogenic Bull
Sparring Satellite Bulls Just out of Velvet
Bull #2 and His Special Lady
Bull #1 Sniffing the Air for Love
Bull #3 Enters Field
Bull Elk #4 Bugling
Bull Elk #4 Guarding the Herd
Bull Elk #4 Surveying the Field
Bull Elk #4 Retrieving a Straying Cow
2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 2    2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 3   2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 4
Herd Bull #5, Curly
Big Bull #6 At A Boxley Valley Water Hole
Big Bull #6 At Boxley Water Hole #2
Bull Elk in Light Shafts, Boxley Valley Morning
Big Bull Elk #6
2009 Other Animals Gallery 1    2009 Other Animals Gallery 2    2009 Other Animals Gallery 3
Other Gallery Subjects:
2009 Landscape Gallery 1    2009 Landscape Gallery 2   2009 Frost Blossom Gallery