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Buffalo National River and NW Arkansas
Notes & Tips:
These pictures are 2009 frost
blossoms. I took all of them on a casual
basis, here and there in the Upper
Buffalo River area.

Frost blossoms are formed when
freezing temperatures siphon water
through broken plant stems to create
ribbons of ice. They are a study in
photographic natural abstracts.

Frost blossoms usually occur against
dark backdrops. Your camera will tend
to overexpose them, so shoot at least -1
stop or more, and adjust the exposure
upward in your post processing.  None
of these photos were taken with a
macro lens. All were hand held.

Tip: Your depth of field, plane of focus is
important with frost blossoms. It is a
little tough to focus on them because
they are white (on white). In the view
finder pick a specific area and focus on
it. Take a few shots with different
exposures and different focus points.
Remember film is a memory,
experiment and learn -- its all free now.
2009 BNR Frost Blossom Gallery
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Frost Bossom at Ponca Access 85867
Frost Blossom at Ponca Access
Frost Blossom at Ponca Access 85889
Frost Blossom at Ponca Access 85892
Frost Blossom at Upper Wilderness Trailhead, Buffalo River Trail  87047
Frost Blossom at Steel Creek, Buffalo River Trail  88211
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