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Buffalo National River and NW Arkansas
Notes & Tips:
These landscapes are from my 2009 season. They are a mix of
many different subjects. My first love is wildlife photography, my
second is landscapes. Many of these photos use high dynamic
range techiques to capture long tonal scales.

Hovering over any photo provides its title and photo number
should you wish to correspond about one or another.

These are all from within 15 miles of my home.
2009 Landscape Gallery 1
2009 Other Animals Gallery 1    2009 Other Animals Gallery 2    2009 Other Animals Gallery 3
2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 1   2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 2   2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 3   2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 4
Old Villines Home at Sunset 70326
Runoff at Thunder Canyon, Cecil Cove Trail  70494
Cascade in Clark Creek, Lost Valley Campground Trail  71063
Cascade in Clark Creek 2, Lost Valley Campground Trail  71066
Falls on Leatherwood Creek HDR 71296
Boxley Millpond Spring 71679
Reflected Sweetgum Broadwater Hollow Falls 85546
Runoff at Broadwater Falls Hollow 85580
The Glory Hole, Ozark St. Francis National Forest HDR 86389
Buffalo National River Below Ponca on the Buffalo River Trail HDR 87615
2009 Landscape Gallery 2   2009 Frost Blossom Gallery
Other Gallery Subjects: