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Buffalo National River and NW Arkansas
Notes to Entry:
These pictures are from 2009 of other critters. Enjoy.
2009 Other Animals Gallery 2
2009 Other Animals Gallery 1    2009 Other Animals Gallery 3
Preening Trumpeter Swan
Preening Trumpeter Swan 2
Preening Trumpeter Swan 3
Wild Turkey in Erbie Pasture
Flycatcher at Boxley Mill Pond
First Bald Eagle 2009 at Boxley Miil Pond
Bald Eagle Leaving Limb, Boxley Mill Pond (#2)
Three Turkey Vultures at Steel Creek, Ponca Wilderness
Three Flying Trumpeter Swans, Boxley Valley
Doe and Fawn at Steel Creek Sunrise
Buzzards and Deer at Steel Creek
Buzzards at Steel Creek Sunrise
Hunting Bluebird 1, Boxley Valley
Hunting Bluebird 2, Boxley Valley
Hunting Bluebird 3, Boxley Valley
2009 Landscape Gallery 1    2009 Landscape Gallery 2   2009 Frost Blossom Gallery
Other Gallery Subjects:
2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 1   2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 2   2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 3   2009 Elk Rut Gallery Number 4