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A part of the photographer's life is meeting other photographers. These folks are partners in the quest for the perfect image. Since beginning my work in NW Arkansas I have met quite a few photographers that are both colleagues and mentors. I live by the belief that we are all are a part of a learning community. Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin. There is always something to learn, and there is always knowledge to share. These folks are all good photographers, their work is worth seeing, and I learn from them. Each has a different voice and the their work is excellent. I recommend you visit their websites and experience their vision of Arkansas.
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Paul Caldwell, Photographer Friends
Paul Caldwell, Little Rock, Arkansas

Official Biography
Paul Caldwell has been a photographer for over 30 years. His intensity for his craft is evident in his finely crafted images. He has continued to evolve and learn the latest photographic techniques to improve his images. From beginnings with film and Nikon gear, Paul has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of photography devoting much of his current energy toward Digital work. He is an authority in most areas of digital technique, combining a superior technical knowledge of PhotoShop, utilizing both Windows and Macintosh hardware and software. He is currently contributing both as a writer and editor on the website Digital Outback Paul's subject matter reflects his love of the outdoors and seasonal changes in his home state of Arkansas, and stunning abstract compositions of natural subjects.

Most remarkable about Paul's work is that every individual shot has a unique story, in a short narrative, which reflects Paul's dedication to sharing his craft.

Paul has as strong a passion for photography as anyone I have ever met. He is also an artist of the highest standard. He has extensive knowledge of photo venues in Arkansas and his work reflects a deep love of nature and Arkansas. I like to visit his website and think about his approach to nature photography.

Paul Caldwell is also a master printer. I rely on him to provide my clients with the museum quality prints on paper and canvas. He is more concerned with detail than anyone I have ever met. His expertise is reflected in the very technical writing he has done on fine art printing.

I value our association and look forward to collaborating with Paul on future projects. He is in the very top rank of photographers in the state of Arkansas, both in terms of the quality of his work, and his interpretation of the Natural State.
cedar falls springtime, petit jean mountain
dry creek falls, fall 2002
richland creek rapids, fall 2006
study of rock and water on a wintertime creek
solitary leaf
wildflowers along old highway 27 searcy county
A sampler of Paul Caldwell's superb work. I think he has a unique voice. His work draws you in. You can feel the emotion in his photographic vision of Arkansas. (Click on any image for a larger view.)