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I apologize in advance for this entry being a long slow page, but I imagined most photographers might be interested in seeing the actual shoot sequence and what is going on in the bull fight. This was an extremely unusual event in that it was right in front of me. In three years of shooting a lot in Boxley Valley this was my best fight day in terms of results. Last year I had better fights on one day, but the light was horrible. This time it was better, and they were right in front of me along the fence.
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This is really the earliest stage when the animals first come together in physical contact. I call this stage the "walk along". This series of pictures shows this first stage in some detail.

All the photos on these pages are in the actual sequence of the shoot. This was the first of two fights on this day.

Note that the bulls get more excited as the images progress. In the last frame the bulls are running along together, on the next page, they are locked up.

As I shot and observed the bulls you could feel the tension build up. In this fight they pivoted quickly and locked up. More often the bulls will pause and square off before locking up, but in this particular case, it didn't happen.
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