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Notes to Entry:
Version 2.0, Upward and Onward

This new version of the same old website is long overdue. I have been procrastinating it for some time until the inspiration really jelled for the design. It will be a couple of weeks (who am I kidding?) getting this all pulled together, so for now I have the same top page with all the links everyone is familiar with.

After just over one year this AWP website now attracts thousands of visitors, and 60% are repeat visitors, many visiting at least once a day. In the last 6 months there have been over 5,000 different visitors. Heck the population of Newton County is only 7,000 so I guess this website is burning down by
most measures. I am grateful for all the support and backlinks. AWP is now page1, #1 on many Google searches. Yeah, it amazes me too.

My goal is to spread this out some. I am a very experienced web designer so I do know all this content has become very dense -- it needs to be spread out some. The new scheme is a much better organization of the old content. The site will still be wide and deep, but hopefully a little more usable.

There will be some new content. My wife Mandy has asked me a couple of times if there was an economic model in this big old mess. There will be very soon with my first online store. I will not clutter up the website with a bunch of BS popups and goofball ads to drive my sales. I would appreciate your support with a purchase now and then off the website. Thanks to all of you who have purchased prints at my various galleries around here  I will continue to do the site anyway. The point of this has never been commercial.

If you don't like the new scheme, ignore it. Things will work pretty much the same if you never touch the new wrap around, big ass red menus. My web design philosophy has always been to make a website kind of mindlessly easy to use. These days the sites are getting so damn cute nobody can figure them out, so they just leave. I worry that some are leaving AWP because they look at all the content and don't find it too accessible.  Maybe this will help some. Feedback is always welcome.

I hate empty menu items as much as the next person so I am going as fast as I can. Please bear with me, this is a one-man band.
One of the unfailing facts of life is that experts do not really serve themselves as well as they serve clients.  Mechanics drive cars with outstanding flaws. Plumbers have leaky faucets in their homes.  Not to be left out, webmasters create sites that are not their best work.

I apologize to all of those who have suffered for my sins of omission this past year, but then, who am I to violate the laws of nature?

I will do better soon, I promise.
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