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Here and there in this Blog I talk about this location or that in the Boxley Valley. This map is the key to unlocking these destinations. It is very hard to talk about where the wildlife is located without it. When you call the people at the Elk Education Center, they will use these terms to describe what is going on. 

Here is a one page popup map window that you can keep open when digging around in this confusing blog trying to figure out what the hell I am talking about.
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Boxley Landmarks In Brief:

We locals talk all the time about these places using terms that outsiders often cannot decipher. This might help.

Boxley Valley is the area from the Ponca Access to the Upper Wilderness Trailhead.

Ponca Access is more commonly called the low water bridge.

Elk Observation Point is a landmark, but just about useless as an elk observation point. Go figure.

Lost Valley Campground and hiking trail is off of 43. The entrance road leads to a field with an old building and nice meadow.

The Villines Store is a small stone building on the east side of the road. The Villines family is one of Boxley's pioneer families.

Boxley Mill Pond comes up to the road. It looks like a swamp. Swans and eagles are there in season.

Intersection of 21 and 43 is another major landmark. In Boxley Valley you continue to follow the river (on 21). 43 becomes 21 after the intersection. Maps show a town of Boxley, it ain't there.

Boxley Baptist Church is another landmark. It is off 21, but the sign isn't. The old church is a popular photo subject.

Cave Mountain Road & Boxley Bridge are right next to each other. Cave Mountain leads to Whitaker Point.

The Upper Wilderness Trailhead is the end of the Valley.
Boxley Valley Map & Landmarks
And Now Some Crabbing

Respect private property. In Boxley Valley most all the land you see is private property.

The residents are decent hard working farmers and they don't deserve people running all over their land. Please respect their privacy. 

Chasing after elk does not work, and besides, at certain times of the year it is dangerous. Getting into the farm fields will get you chiggers up to your arm pits and a nice load of ticks as a kicker.

There are farm bulls in these fields. Make no mistake, these bulls are not the cuddly cows of myth. They occasionally gore their owners, imagine what they would do to city slickers they don't know.

Stay on the road except in clearly marked park areas.
Parking in Boxley Valley should be as far off the road as is practical. Parking is one of the biggest issues facing everyone concerned with the place. There are places where the shoulders are pretty wide, in other places they are narrow. Parking in the short drives to farm fields is often OK, but remember this is where farmers access to their place of work. If you see a tractor or truck in a field, chances are they are using that gate. Don't block their way. Don't park in driveways to their homes. That is despicable. You have no right to use private property without permission.