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In many ways the Boxley Valley Millpond is as good a photography destination as there is around here.  It is not that it is so spectacular, like our many vistas, but it does feature some exceptional bird photography opportunities, and the old barns on the north end of the pond can be incorporated in landscapes shot the length of the pond. This of course will vary a lot by season.

The marquee subject has to be the trumpeter swans, but I have devoted an entire entry to them. These threatened birds are the world's largest swan and they are very cooperative photographic subjects. 

The mill pond is such a great, compact location, you can frame some very nice photos from the roadside. The pond is long and narrow, and runs right along 43. The pond is also full of dead trees, but not too full, so there are opportunities for perching birds.

The south end of the mill pond becomes a stream. It is narrow and grass lined, and another great angle for photos.  I have shot trumpeters swimming up this narrow area to feed along the bottom.
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Notes to Entry:
I never go to the valley to shoot elk and not check the mill pond to see what is up.

The mill pond is adjacent to the 43/21 intersection field, that is so good for elk. The feeder stream runs through that field.
Boxley Valley Millpond Gallery -- A Photo Sampler
bald eagle along mill pond stream
barn on boxley mill pond
boxley mill pond from the south
great white egret on boxley mill pond
Bald Eagle Near Millpond Creek
Trumpeter Swans in Mill Pond Landscape
Great White Egret Stretching
Telephoto landscape shot from same angle as right, at same time with long telephoto zoom at 400mm.
Short telephoto landscape of mill pond shot at same time as above
late in the year.
osprey on boxley mill pond
boxley mill pond swans landscape
Great White Egret Flying off Limb
trumpeter swan in boxley mill pond
Osprey Flying Off Limb
Trumpeter Swan Stretching
old barn on boxley mill pond