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Buffalo National River and NW Arkansas
Landscapes are not my preferred subject, but I prefer taking pictures to just about anything else. There is something about getting that image that captures the moment and makes it permanent. I know there will come a time when I can no longer take some subjects due to age or infirmity, but I will be able to enjoy those images. They are witness to moments in my life, and seeing these pictures remind me not only of scenes, but of shoots and unplanned conversations with new aquaintances. All special moments in time.

This landscape sampler is pictures from this place. There are so many photo opportunities here that it is hard to make choices quite often. You are pulled between river scenes, rock formations, flowers, butterflies, birds, old buildings, waterfalls, and landscapes. Pretty amazing. That is why I wrote the Boxley photo planner. It is designed to at least lay out some suggestions a photographers day. One can easily shoot great pictures all day here. There is plenty to stimulate the creativity of any photographer.

Enough blather, some landscapes, many different seasons. Sorry, this is a big page.
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Arkansas Buffalo National River Landscape Sampler
Ponca Wildness runoff after a fall rain.
Ponca wilderness bluff fall color
Van Dyke Spring, Cecil Cove Trail
Pruit Fault, Buffalo Natoinal River
Photographer along Buffalo National River
Sycamore tree Buffalo National River
Bluff top fall color Ponca Wilderness
Rock crevice Ponca Wilderness
Beaver Pond at Van Dyke Spring
Fall runoff Ponca Wildnerness
Winter runoff in Ponca Wilderness
ponca wilderness runoff
ponca wilderness bluff
beaver dam at van dyke spring
pruit fault buffalo national river
photographer on buffalo river
sycamore tree on buffalo national river
bluff top color ponca wilderness
rock crevice light ponca wilderness
ponca wilderness landscape
Ponca Wilderness Landscape
ponca wilderness runoff
beaver dam at van dyke spring
winter runoff ponca wilderness