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Buffalo National River and NW Arkansas
Elk Viewing by the Seasons
Herds Segregated by Gender
Bull Elk Shed Antlers in March
Late Spring Calving
Herds Segregated by Gender
Bull Elk In Velvet
Late Calving in Early Summer
Late Summer Bulls Scrape Velvet
Pre-Rut Migrations -- Bulls Head North
Mid to Late September Rut Begins
Young Bulls Join Herds
Bugling Begins (mid September)
Mid September Big Herd Bulls Arrive
Serious Bull Fights for Domination Begin
Herds Set, Estrous and Breeding Cycles
Satellite Bulls Follow Herds
Herds Segregate by Gender (post rut)
Cows Herd in Northern Fields
Bulls Form Bachelor Herds in South End
Bulls Herds Segregate by Size
Bulls Migrate Far South to Upper Wilderness
big bull meeting
bull fight 2007
bull elk in velvet
morning meal