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     (I am indebted to the Tom and Ray for this divisional title, one that I shamelessly copy.)

Free E-Postcards
This is a new free service. The collection will be growing over time. I will be re-formatting this page
and adding to it a lot, but I wanted to get it out there for now.

My New Amazon Store
The following items are items I think are useful to visitors to our region. Let me be the first to say I
am not your big time consumer of "stuff". Less stuff means a smaller eco-footprint, leaving some
prospect for the 7th generation. That said, I do like a handful of books, and I believe in tools that will
make your visit safe. (I make 6% on sales through these links, just to be transparent about it.)

If you would like to help support this site, consider buying these items through these links. If not,
consider buying these items, they are tools to improve your craft, and possibly even save your life.

Safety, GPS, and Maps

Useful Buffalo River and Photography Books

Buy Directly from Me

Elk Christmas Cards (see cover images on right)
We are selling 5x7 elk Christmas Cards now for $15 a dozen, plus $5 for taxes, shipping and
handling. These 5x7 prints can be framed, there is no printing on the front. I will original sign each
card for an additional $10 a set if you like. (I sell signed 5x7 elk photos for $2.50 each so this is a
great deal.)  Christmas Card bottom line: $20 dollars delivered unsigned, $30 dollars delivered
signed.  I will do 6 signed cards, your choice of photo, for $20 delivered. On the right are the cover

Framed Prints
Contact me via email to order barn wood framed prints. I cannot do other frames because it is cost-
prohibitive. Here are my prices:

4x12 framed print     $25    Shipping and handling  $10
8x10 matted and framed print  $45  (this is a 11x14 frame)   Shipping and handling  $15
12x18 canvas, mounted on gatorboard and framed  $100     Shipping and handling  $15
12x36 canvas, mounted on gatorboard and framed  $150     Shipping and handling  $20
20x30 canvas, mounted on gatorboard and framed  $250     Shipping and handling  $25

Other sizes and print types I will quote.  Sales tax is 9.5% if applicable.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

Visit My Online Store at Smugmug   This is hosted by SmugMug, who handles everything,
purchase, printing, and shipping. At my store you can buy just about every size of print imaginable,
as well as my photos plastered all over other stuff like t-shirts, mouse pads, etc. Also, you can
purchase digital use for your website, local print projects, and multi-media presentations. Nearly
every new photo I upload here, is available there the same day.

Buy at These Local Galleries:
Come on down!  I have my work displayed at the following tourist destinations in Newton and Boone
Counties, and in Little Rock:

Newton County

Arkansas House -- Arkansas House in Jasper has most of my work on canvas, and a selection of
paper prints. Canvas is more expensive than paper prints, but still much less than most would
charge for comparable sized work. Check out their razorback burger and organic food.

Cliff House Inn -- Cliff House Inn is located 6 miles south of Jasper on Scenic 7. They carry a
selection of my work, as well as postcards. Cliff House Inn is located on the Arkansas Grand
Canyon, a local tourist attraction. It is a great restaurant as well featuring down home cooking.

Ponca Elk Education Center -- They carry my 5x7 signed prints.

Lost Valley Canoe -- Located in Ponca, Lost Valley Canoe is the hub of the village, featuring a
historic store, the only gas station, canoe rentals, camping and lodging. They have a small selection
of my work, as well as Christmas Cards, souvenir elk mugs, post cards, and signed,
unframed 5x7 prints.

Villines Gallery in Boxley Valley -- The Historic Villines Store and Gallery carries my framed prints,
signed 5x7 prints, Christmas Cards, and souvenir elk mugs. (closed for the season)


The Uncommon Grounds Coffee Shop -- The coffee shop carries my framed prints, some of my
canvas work. This is the one place you can get a fancy, big city cup of coffee around here. They are
located on Highway 65 in Harrison across from Shonees (kitty corner).

The Mockingbird Gallery, Harrison Square -- This new gallery is a collaboration with the Backyard
Framer. My work is available here, or may be reframed as you like if you prefer something other than
barn wood frames.

Christmas Card Ordering
To order cards send a check to:

Michael Dougherty
HC 33 7A
Compton, AR  72624

Be sure to state your order and the print you desire. Dozens include 4 each of the three prints. Include your contact information including your email address if I have questions. Allow 3 days for processing, and a couple of days for mailing.

Canvas Prints

Nearly all my canvas work is mounted on gatorboard and framed in barn wood, rather than gallery wrapped. These mounted prints are archival and very sturdy for canvas. The advantage of canvas is that it is non-glare and looks 3D. I like it.

My galleries with canvas prints:
Arkansas House, Jasper
Uncommon Grounds, Harrison
Mockingbird Gallery, Harrison

Anyone wishing a gallery wrap of any of my works can get one by special order directly from me. Allow 4 weeks for processing and shipping. Because these canvas gallery wrap prints can take so many forms,  Gallery wraps can also be ordered from my online store.

Identifying Photos for Purchase
My photos are consecutively numbered so that I can be sure about what print you want. If you wish to get a print not listed in my online store, visit and get the photo number. My images on Pbase are in reverse chronological order so locating the image should be easy.

Color on is more accurate than for some reason. The uploads are identical but can look quite different depending on the image.
Rely on if the images look different.

If you prefer, you can email me at about an image, describe the location, and I should be able to figure it out quickly. I will confirm your choice with a small version attached to an email.

Christmas Card Covers below:
Bull Elk and Harem in Lost Valley
Lost Valley Elk in Winter
Two Bull Elk in Frost Christmas Card Photo
Winter Lost Valley Elk
Late Rut Bull Elk in Lost Valley
Two Bulls in Frost