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Notes to Entry:
Nature and Wildlife Photography Tutorials

This section is devoted to tips about photographing wildlife and other natural subjects, and other tutorials. These will deal with what I think matters most.

It is hard in a morass of advice to sort out the first principles from the small points. Photography magazines seem possessed to sell equipment, I am convinced that equipment does not matter so much as it is promoted. My goal is to get you past equipment concerns to looking more at creating a great wildlife picture. If you understand how to take a good picture, you will quickly understand when you are hitting an equipment-based limitation. That won't be as often as you imagine.

Confession -- I rely on two lenses, and really primarily on one. I own a third. I used to have more.

My Canon L Series 100-400 zoom is my go-to lens. I am primarily a wildlife photographer, a long zoom is agile, gets the job done, and 400mm usually gets me close enough. This lens also is very good for macro work, and is razor sharp when dead on focused.

When confronted with a landscape, I rely on my 24-105 L Series lens. It is a very sharp (and less expensive) lens. It does the job.

So there you go. I travel light, I cover the bases. Sure primes would be better optically. So what. If you insist on hauling around a backpack full of lenses, ask yourself honestly, how often do you use them?

I see photographers all the time who pack in all their equipment, and never open the pack. It is absurd.
Trumpeter Touchdown -- Boxley Mill Pond
MP3 Podcast on Swan Shoot  First of many podcasts to come.

Wildflower Photography Tutorials

Spring is prime time for wildflower photography, but I shoot them all year long. In the Buffalo National River region, we have a wonderful variety of wildflowers in many different settings.

Two primary venues are popular with wildflower fans, Lost Valley Trail (clearly #1), and Smith Creek Preserve (a more difficult hike, but a great area for wildflowers). Wildflowers can be found nearly everywhere so if you can't make it to these top venues, just poke around in natural settings.

Wildflower Photo Tips & Ideas -- This is a breezy tour of tips and ideas some photos that I have taken of wildflowers.
Tiny Arkansas Wildflower