Buffalo National River Watershed
The Buffalo National River Watershed -- River Level Gauges & Weather Conditions
The 150+ Buffalo National River is fed by springs and runoff from an area hundreds of square miles in size. The area is dominated by limestone formations, technically called "karst" formations, that create strong runoffs to the river in rainy weather. This makes the Buffalo River prone to flash flooding, a risk that should be understood by visitors to the park.

The map below shows the river, its watershed, and some major attractions and cities along the river. It includes live links to weather resources and river gauges that will assist in understanding current river conditions, and a short look ahead to likely weather conditions that could affect the river, including the risk of flash flooding.

Heavy rain in the watershed will probably result in flash flooding conditions downstream. Take a bit of time to monitor conditions and plan.
Upper River
Middle River
Lower River
Buffalo City
Buffalo National River Gauges:  
         Boxley        Ponca                           Pruitt                                         St. Joe                                         Harriet
Location of Buffalo National River
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River Levels, Flood Risk & Weather 
Buffalo National River Watershed
The Weather Underground links above are the best resources I have found to date. You can not only monitor local conditions, with a little digging you can find excellent historical data. It is worthwhile to be aware of radar conditions. Remember heavy rains runoff here much more than they do in other parts of the country because little rain is absorbed by the limestone rock formations. When in doubt take higher ground.