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Alleged Workshops -- Under Construction

Coming very soon to a wilderness near you.

Here is my thinking about workshop topics and features. If any of you would like to offer feedback on these ideas please write ( Here are the specific ideas I am kicking around:

1. My workshops will be affordable and based on locations in the Upper Buffalo River area. Most of the time in the workshops will be spent outside taking pictures, less time will be spent talking about it. I believe most people are interested in photographic venues and subjects, and less in learning how to use their camera. (I will teach camera use in the field as needed, probably one on one.)

2. I plan to offer a subscriber series of workshops. Persons enrolling in more than one workshop would be offered a discount based on the number of workshops attended. I am going for a kind of alumni concept because I think people learn most from one another.

3. Subscriber participants will be provided with a free member-only section of my website. This will include a discussion board and an area to upload personal galleries. This could be very useful for follow-on peer learning and sharing ideas. It will be a kind of secret website.

4. I will feature a public gallery of student pictures on my main website in something like a photographer of the month sort of thing. I am still working out this idea. This website has about 2,000 visitors a month so this could be pretty good exposure.

5. I will bring collaborating instructors in to teach various topics. I don't know everything about photography, nobody does. I know many talented photographers that have something to teach. While I want to make a buck, I also want to offer the best possible worshops and create a community of photographers. Look for collaborators.

6. I plan to organize the workshops for every season of the year.

7. The subjects will be wildlife, nature and outdoor photography. How to use your camera will be taught in each context as needed. I don't take pictures of people except for outdoor actions shots. I prefer animals. (My fee for weddings is $10,000, subject to doubling if anyone shows interest. I will
only shoot weddings on February 29 when I have extra time -- one good way to control demand.)
Workshop Links:
Notes to Entry:
In my mind nothing is every quite done. The day I imagine I have created the final masterpiece of anything, I will have lost my mind.

Workshop offerings will be the constantly evolving product of participant experiences and feedback, as well as new ideas that occur to me in moments of rare lucidity.

2011 Elk Photography by the Seasons

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Elk Viewing in Boxley Valley

2009 Elk Workshop Notes

These are the pages from my recent workshop at the Ponca Elk Education Center:

Elk Life Cycle by the Seasons

Variables Affecting Elk Migrations

2009 Elk Locations Map for Boxley Valley

The workshop photo galleries below are for one year by the season starting with spring.

Example Elk Photos 1

Example Elk Photos 2

Example Elk Photos 3